Monday, December 25, 2017


A flurry of thoughts
filled the silent stillness of night,
too many to sleep
and a child nestled at her breast.



The miracle of  new life
wrapped in swaddling clothes.

My Yeshua.  My child.

A mother wonders.
A father dreams.

The City of David. 
A little village.
No palace.  A cave.
And shepherds round about.

An angel's Song.
Cattle lowing.
Stars above.
A child below.

Yeshua.  Jesus.  Savior.

Jerusalem.  City of God.
David's throne.
Herod's castle.

A wise man's warning.
A prophet's hope.
A fleeing refugee.
A prince in waiting.


Roman crosses beside the road
A constant reminder
of foreign power
and Caesar's reign.

Jesus.  Savior. Messiah. King.

But tonight a babe
in a manger bed.

Doubt and belief.
Faith.  Hope.
"Joseph, take me home."

Heaven's glow
and earth's dark shadows.

The baby stirs.
She holds him tight.

Tomorrow they would flee.
Wailing in their wake.
Bethlehem slaughter.
A holy sacrifice.

"Out of Egypt I have called my Son."

"Let it be according to your Word."
Grace and truth.
Favor for a lowly one.

Sounds of the night.
Dawn's new light.
Madonna.  Child.
Holy breast.

This night she looked down on him,
overflowing with love.
One day she would look up to him,
overwhelmed with grief.

"A sword will pierce your own soul too."
What kind of greeting must that be?
"Simeon, be silent!"

Peace on Earth,
And heaven's glory.
Not seen.

Yeshua.  Jesus.  Savior.  Child.

"Would that the world love you as I do."
Gift of God.
And Hope.

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